Symbolanalysis for Understanding Life’s Journey
Practical Application of Symbols to Empower Human Potential
With Debbie Papadakis, RP

The workshop, based upon doctoral studies in Rorschach psychology, provides an overview of the nature and purpose of symbols. Since the language of the unconscious mind is expressed as symbols in dreams, regression work, hypnosis sessions, and in everyday conversation, this workshop aims to teach you to bring unconscious symbols to conscious awareness and to understand their influence in your daily life. Presented will be some theoretical background with definitions, ways of working with symbols, determinants (the most emphasis), and some content analysis. During the first session you will make your own mandala by cutting and pasting pictures from magazines of your choice. The following day will be devoted to your understanding of your own symbols and the general application of symbols for your work with clients.

You will learn the following skills:

  • How to gain a profound understanding of the symbols stored in your unconscious mind
  • A wonderful system for connecting with your unconscious mind for the purpose of catching and understanding symbols
  • An in-depth analysis of your past, present, and projected future
  • Important symbols waiting to be grasped by your conscious mind
  • How to communicate at a profound level with your client’s unconscious mind
  • To become more sensitive in understanding the use of symbols
  • A remarkable way to help your clients
  • To understand your client’s symbols and to apply the knowledge in scripts and dialogues toward success and fulfillment
  • To use a pattern to interpret symbols in your own life and to understand symbols presented by other people
  • To make use of transderivational search through structured questioning
  • The art of questioning
  • Key Benefits:

    • Insight into current life situations
    • Understanding your dreams through knowledge of symbols
    • Improving your projected future
    • Find answers to profound questions
    • Through awareness of your symbols, have a plan of action for your future
    • Make your own dictionary of symbols
    • Take home:

      • Your mandala
      • Manual
      • What to bring:

        • Scissors
        • Glue stick
        • Magazines (to cut)
        • Course Details:
          Dates: April 21 – 22, 2017
          Location: Hypno Healing Institute, 355 Keele Street
          Cost: $195 + HST
          Register: Call 416.760.8996
          Deadline to register: April 1, 2017

          We invite you to join us and register today!

          Upcoming Symbolanalysis Classes:


          April 20-21, 2018


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