Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a recall of other (previous) lifetimes, memories of which are stored in the unconscious mind.  These memories come forth from deep within the unconscious, as stories that have a positive or negative effect in our present life. Understanding these stories allows us to comprehend who we are and our purpose in our present life.

PLR involves taking a person back in time to experience unconscious memories from a previous lifetime and integrating those feelings, thoughts and events into their present life. Emotional issues and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression work.  It effectively highlights the cause(s) of a person’s present day problems, thereby allowing resolution and facilitating emotional and spiritual healing.

Regression in itself is the experience of going back to an earlier time within one’s (present) life. Whereas Past Life Regression involves the re-experiencing of an event(s) in a previous lifetime. These sessions often include visualizing healing energies.

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Please Note: This technique is not offered as a substitute for medical treatment.