Our aim at the Hypno Healing Institute is to enable & empower people to overcome problems, addictions and/or afflictions by reprogramming the subconscious mind to unleash the healing powers within and to reach their full potential.

We work with a variety of ailments and addictions listed below.

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Overcome Insomnia with International Leading Expert Hypnotist!

Other hypnotists flock to her specialized trainings at conferences to learn her methods for dealing with Insomnia. The inability to fall asleep can be utterly debilitating to one’s life and many turn to pharmaceuticals to overcome the problem.


NOTE: Insomnia can have a root cause that is physical in nature. Therefore, we suggest that you consult your family physician prior to seeking help.

If your insomnia is not related to any physical issues, we can help you get to the root cause of your sleeplessness and how to best overcome it. We will help you tap into your subconscious mind to put your Insomnia to sleep and thereby rid you of its crippling effects and reinstate your physical and emotional well-being.

Don’t let sleepless nights keep you up!

Come see us, and we will help you overcome the problem and get you back to sleep so you can be rested and energized to take on life the VERY NEXT DAY!

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Let Hypno Healing Institute Help You Quit Smoking!

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things to do, but you CAN do it.

Releasing yourself from the clutches of cigarette addiction may be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. That is why tobacco companies are so successful!

Hypnosis is one of the most proven, effective and lasting methods used by millions of people worldwide to quit smoking. A certified, trained and experienced hypnotist can help you QUIT for good.

*Listen to Debbie Papadakis’ radio interview on this process and call us to book your appointment if you want to stop smoking! You no longer have to carry this unhealthy burden, let us help you “stub it out” and put this harmful habit to rest forever.

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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation, the first step in ridding yourself of this habit.

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Help With Fears

Fear affects all of us in one way or another, but for some it can be utterly crippling.

Anxiety and fear are triggered by specific causes. Whether it is an uncontrollable fear of crowds, heights, airplanes – whatever the cause, we are equipped to help you overcome your intense fears.

We will work together first to uncover and understand the source of your fears and then tap into your subconscious mind and reprogram it to eliminate those fear(s) forever.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Water

Fear of Public Speaking

It works! We have helped countless individuals overcome intense fears & phobia’s and can help you too!

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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation, the first step in overcoming fears.

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Ease Anxiety

You do not have to deal with fear and anxiety.
A solution awaits you at the Hypno Healing Institute!

Being afraid or nervous about things like failing a test or a job interview are normal stressors. Anxiety and fear on the other hand can be truly debilitating and literally shut a person down. These heightened negative states can wreak havoc on health, relationships and careers and render you powerless making it impossible to function.

Most people do not understand the crushing impact that fear and anxiety can have on a person. WE DO and will help you overcome it!

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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation and put these incapacitating feelings to rest forever.

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Releasing The Past

Release Your Past

Most people spend their lives being haunted by past negative experiences. This impacts everything from decision making abilities to being open to varied experiences and living an optimum life. Over time, continually reliving past experiences in our minds results in feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

We encourage you to visit the Hypno Healing Institute where we work with you to release you from the shackles of your past and soar to new heights.

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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to learn how Hypnosis can help you release your past negative experiences.

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Free Yourself From Migraine Headaches!

A migraine is typically an intense headache with a throbbing pain felt only on one side of the head. While every individual’s experience may vary, it occurs with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light.

The precise cause of this crippling headache is unknown, however, it is believed that the arteries in the brain dilate during a migraine attack and draw together near the affected blood vessels with stimulation of nerve endings. This impact on the arteries in the brain causes the uncontrollable pain.

NOTE: Migraines can have a root cause that is physical in nature. Therefore, we suggest that you consult your family physician prior to seeking outside help. When working with people with migraines we require a Medical Referral. We have helped countless individuals overcome their pain, and we can help you too! We have found that majority of our clients suffering from this ailment experience relief within only a session or two.

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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to see if Hypnosis is the solution that will rid you of those overwhelming migraine attacks.

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Enhancing Relationships

Transform Relationships with Parents, Partners, Children, Food, Money, Career.

Hypnosis can help with understanding the dynamics of your relationships and removing blockages that hinder them by allowing you to:

  • Energetically free yourself from past destructive relationships if any.
  • Clear cellular memory and break multigenerational patterns.
  • Transform negative imprints and emotions into positive ones.
  • Forgive and experience personal transformation.
  • Overcome obstacles created by painful experiences.
  • Identify how to create the relationships you desire by using the power of your mind.
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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to discuss how Hypnosis can help transform your relationships.

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Stress Management

Do you feel stressed out? Do you lack energy?

Stress is a major epidemic of our time and one of the leading causes of physical and mental ailments. There is increasing awareness of the mind-body connection and the fact that we can “think ourselves sick”.

Using hypnosis stress can be cleared by accessing the root cause and transforming negative emotions into positive feelings, releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back and clearing blockages that contribute to stress.

Effective stress management helps minimize/clear the negative effects of stress to better control the chances of it spiraling into more serious stress related ailments.
Hypnosis allows you to use the POWER of your mind to take back control of your life!

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Eliminating Addictions with Hypnosis

Old habits are hard to break and the majority of people with addictive behavior will, at some point, relapse. Before one can get on the road to recovery, one must get past the initial stage of denial, understand how a “trigger” makes one lose control, and fully comprehend what it means to have an “addiction”.

Generally, addictions are characterized by behavioral symptoms and the actions people take to satisfy their cravings. Sometimes a chronic addiction may point to brain dysfunction as the root cause of addictive behavior (American Society of Addiction Medicine) and not just a series of bad behavior or a matter of willpower.

People may dabble in addiction to cope with stress or pain and the brain responds by flooding the brain’s reward system with a feel-good chemical called dopamine. Whether a person is binge eating, smoking, abusing drugs & alcohol, sex, shopping, using the internet or gambling excessively, the same reward centers activate to keep the person hooked.

A person may try to overcome their addiction, and may be successful for a short period of time but typically go back to the addiction. Hypnosis is one of the best treatments for overcoming addictions.

Through hypnosis we can access the root cause of the addiction, releasing any and all negative emotions attached to it, transforming it at the core level and finally reprogramming the subconscious mind to enable the person to reverse the habit. It essentially trains the brain to increase focus, accept positive suggestions and willing let go of the addiction.

Take Control of Your Life And Break Free TODAY!

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Learning Acceleration

Learning Acceleration & Boosting (Work) Performance

Hypnosis is an effective solution to accelerate learning and boost performance. It allows for faster and easier learning with less effort. Everyone has a different style of learning and performance and when you learn in a way that fits your personal style – visual, auditory or kinesthetic and learn to overlap these styles to get the most from your learning you will experience it to be a fun, easy and effective activity.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Learning Acceleration & Boosting (Work) performance:

  • Overcome obstacles/reluctance to learning.
  • Release test anxiety.
  • Reprogramming ‘how’ we learn – an ineffective practice yields ineffective result.
  • Absorbing information rapidly and improving memory & concentration.
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Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to discuss how Hypnosis can help you learn faster and work smarter.

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Sports Enhancement

Enhancing Sports/Athletic Performance

Sports and Athletic Performance is an area in which Hypnosis can have an immediate and effective impact. It is a tangible area where results can be measured and quantified.

Benefits of Hypnosis for enhancing sports/athletic performance include:

  • Improving focus & concentration.
  • Reversing a slump (in performance).
  • Overcoming the performance “fear factor”.
  • Overcome any blockages to peak performance.
  • Access the “zone” – Implement emotional recall.
  • Self-hypnosis techniques – focus enhancer.

Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to discuss how Hypnosis can relieve stress.

Anger Management

Is anger keeping you from appreciating life?

Does aggression get you into trouble and destroy your relationships?
Do you feel agitated?

When anger consumes you, anger controls you! Words spoken in anger usually are regretted. Actions prompted by anger will likely prove to be ill-advised. Emotional reactions cloud judgment, obscure the real issue and undermine our innate wisdom.

Loss of emotional control compounds problems. Hypnosis effectively helps recapturing (lost) emotional control thereby achieving mental and emotional balance and assuming control of the (problematic) situation.

A qualified and experienced hypnotist can enable you to recognize and deal with emotional distress at the onset thereby maintaining control.

Weight Management

Hypnosis has viable applicability to weight management.

The problem with following diets is that there is a major change in eating habits and a person looks forward to achieving their weight goal, after which they resume eating “normal food”. Thus restarting the cycle of weight gain.

With the hypnosis approach you may eat whatever you desire with the difference that, through the effects of hypnosis, you will desire and consume much smaller amounts of food. The advantage being, since no enjoyable foods are denied, nothing is given up, therefore there is no tendency, after the weight loss, to return to foods that have been forbidden. You simply continue to eat what you have been all along except that quantities are vastly reduced and through hypnosis appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of food. Where excess weight is due to physiological conditions medical intervention may be necessary. However if it is due to overeating, it is more likely that it is the mind rather than the metabolism that may be causing the problem. Hypnosis accesses the root cause of the tendency to overeat and focuses on changing thoughts & attitudes which lead to major changes resulting in weight reduction.

Overeating provides a sense of compensation or relief from negative emotions – anxiety, grief, anger etc., and hypnosis is very effective in ferreting out these suppressed issues. Sometimes just the simple understanding of the cause can result in elimination of the problem.

A hypnosis program for weight reduction aims to:

  • Achieve a positive outlook and desired body structure at the appropriate weight.
  • Improve attitude towards food.
  • Increase the desire for healthy foods.
  • Modify behavioral patterns – times, places & patterns for establishing future eating habits, elimination of harmful habits.
  • Provide positive reinforcement for relief of stress or other causes.
Sadness is typically an emotional reaction to some external event, such as a death, loss or severe disappointment. When sadness is triggered, a heavy emptiness or longing is felt because the brain’s appraisal system determines that we have experienced a lasting loss.

Sadness is a painful emotion of disconnection from someone or something that we value. It allows for personal reflection and turns our attention inward in a way that can eventually facilitate acceptance. Hence, this emotion, sadness, assists us by providing an opportunity to consider the impact of our loss and the necessity of revising our objectives and strategies for the future. Studies have shown that sadness tends to decrease one’s confidence in first impressions (Schwartz, 1990) and that the experience of sadness leads one to struggle with the painful, existential question of “Who am I?” (Henretty, Levitt, & Mathews, 2008).

If sadness can help us to: remember and accept reality; attain insight which can help realign our goals; be cautious decision makers; and create an opportunity to observe ourselves, then perhaps its adaptive purpose is evident. In spite of how it makes us feel, sadness, is a (self) protective function.