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Toronto’s Award-Winning Master Hypnotist, Debbie Papadakis

Specializes in Relationships | Blockages | Insomnia | Fears

Founder and Director of Hypno Healing Institute since 1995, Debbie is an internationally recognized Master Hypnotist, trainer and motivational speaker with over 18 years of professional experience. Her key principal, healing the body through the mind, is what makes her one of the most sought-after trainer and consulting hypnotist in the industry.

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“Debbie helped me change my life. I lost my first true love.”The One” broke up with me after 2 years and broke my heart. The following two months were the worst months of my life. I would not smile, I was not happy, I did nothing, stopped eating too. After one session over the phone changed me. That two hours changed my life. I felt great, happy, amazing, like nothing can bring me down. I wanted to know how good it worked so I thought about what upset me and it wasn’t gone but it was a lot better. A week later all the feelings are gone, all the memories don’t bring me down no more, I’m always happy and living my life again. Thank you Debbie, you’re amazing.”
“This letter is to thank you from my heart for the help you gave to both me and my family. Over just a few weeks my wife, my stepson and myself all received huge benefits from our individual sessions with you. From my own perspective, I found it so easy after seeing you, to bring about a complete and successful career change. My relationship with my wife has improved and become deeper, and most of all, my teenage stepson and myself are no longer at war! Debbie, you helped to change all our lives, and I thank you sincerely. P.S. Yes I did also quit smoking, and I love it! Your happy client.”
“Debbie Papadakis is a wonderful instructor and an outstanding role model of someone who is practicing clinical Hypno-therapy. She was able to illustrate each chapter/methodology with actual cases and examples of “Hypnotic Miracles”. Debbie’s skill level is exceptional and her empathy and genuine care for others is amazing. Debbie loves what she does and is truly inspired by her skills and her product.”
Diane McConnell, Student Testimonial
“Debbie is an excellent teacher. She ensures that everything is fully understood, is completely open to any question and is passionate about hypnosis. She gave numerous demonstrations, plus numerous opportunities for us, as students, to practice in a very supportive environment. Having been taught by Debbie, I am confident I have the necessary tools to do a beneficial job.”
F.K. - Hypnotist, Student Testimonial